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August 1 2023

Rethinking Window Management

Window management is one of those areas I’m fascinated with because even after 50 years, nobody’s fully cracked it yet.


Credit: Tobias Bernard 🦣

Resume and pause animations in CSS

I have been working with CSS for like 10+ years now and I have worked with CSS animations for a fair amount of time.

CSS Animation

Credit: Amit Merchant

Do we need WCAG 3 (now)?

Do we need to develop WCAG 3 at this moment? Or is WCAG 2 still good enough?


Credit: Eric Eggert

New to the web platform in July

Discover some of the interesting features that landed in stable and beta web browsers during July 2023.


Credit: Chrome Developers

Randomness in CSS using trigonometry

Explore brand new technique to generate random numbers with plain CSS using new trigonometry functions!


Credit: Kacper Kula


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Sacha Greif - Kyoto, Japan