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January 4 2023

Minimalism is boring

Unlock your own creative taste, and splatter your experiences into a sea of blank canvases


Credit: Nate Kadlac 🎨

How to use ChatGPT in product design: 8 practical examples

ChatGPT is an advanced chatbot created by OpenAI, a company that created GPT-3.


Credit: UX Planet

Shift Happens: A book about keyboards

Shift Happens covers 150 years of keyboard history, from the early typewriters to the pixellated keyboards in our pockets.


Credit: Marcin Wichary

What the fnu?

In 2013, I applied for a travel visa to the United States. Along with the visa, America, with her boundless generosity, also granted me a new name.


Credit: UX Collective

Design Systems at Alibaba

How we built an RTL-first design system and maintained it during a major redesign.

Design Systems Redesign

Credit: UX Planet


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Sacha Greif - Kyoto, Japan